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Geothermal Rift

Author: Czepeku

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

This is where power is generated to work the observatory/cannon above. Its still functioning but barely. Old pipes are bursting at the seams and some sections have collapsed entirely or been taken over by giant spiders and other ne'er-do-wells in the depths. Other than the secret lift and the service steps, there's two other secret entrances into the geothermal station: a tight tunnel that leads from the bottom of the hot spring pool down to B2 (careful not to scold yourself) and a blocked down that leads from the Yeti Cave to B3. This door is blocked and hidden behind a pile of bones but some enterprising adventurers will surely find a way to get it open.

Planar Rift

Who opened this portal to the fire planes? Was it always here? A queer figment of interplanar physics? Was it opened by some ancient wizard only to be used centuries later as a power source for the observatory? Or maybe the devilish creator of the observatory opened it themselves. We'll leave that up to you. Regardless, it's hot in here.

The Efreeti being the cunning money-grubbers that they are, they've decided to stake out this nice oasis on the firmament of the fire plane and sell their heat to the observatory engineers. They like to linger around and chew the fat, count their coins and warm their toes on the flaming fire plane below. Maybe for an extra coin or two they'll even take you down to the brass city therein.


All patrons receive all levels of the dungeon. So the variations this week are all changes to the Planar Rift level in case you want to find something different down there.

Map sizes:

Observatory First Floor [16x16]

Observatory Ground Floor [21x16]

Geothermal Station B1 [30x24]

Geothermal Station B2 [39x31]

Geothermal Station B3 [39x43]

20 Items Included in Geothermal Rift


cave rift portal


station power generator


station power generator


station power generator


tower telescope observatory


tower telescope observatory


cave rift portal


cave rift underdark


cave rift portal


cave rift portal


cave rift portal


station power generator


station power generator



tower telescope observatory


tower telescope observatory


cave rift portal


cave rift portal


cave rift abyssal


cave rift portal

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