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Great Chimera's Gate

Author: Zach Moeller $4.99 USD

Wind howls as it passes through the narrow canyon passage, stirring up dust as it sweeps the craggy walls. A winding switchback climbs alongside a cascading run, and an unadorned bridge crosses above a majestic waterfall. A massive stone gate towers over the peak height of the passage, with the stream and the pathway descending from beneath it. The carved heads of a dragon, a lion and a ram protrude from above the arching gateway, bearing a striking resemblance to the three heads of its terrifying guardian that emerges from the threshold.

28 Items Included in Great Chimera's Gate

Misty (20x40)

mists misty mist

Misty Grid (20x40)

foggy cloud fog

Misty Night (20x40)

cloudy clouds damp

Misty Night Grid (20x40)

dark night moist

Red Portal (20x40)

sinister portal red

Red Portal Grid (20x40)

demon hell devil

Red Portal Night (20x40)

lower plane fiends fiendish

Red Portal Night Grid (20x40)

infernal fiery fire

Shadow (20x40)

depths shade shadow

Shadow Grid (20x40)

egress ominous underground

Shadow Night (20x40)

evening tunnel night

Shadow Night Grid (20x40)

trail bridge stone

Blood Trail (20x40)

tracks bloody blood

Blood Trail Grid (20x40)

prey death dead

Blood Trail Night (20x40)

bloodstain smear stain

Blood Trail Night Grid (20x40)

trace spatter drops

Blue Portal (20x40)

arcane blue magic

Blue Portal Grid (20x40)

astral ethereal elemental

Blue Portal Night (20x40)

snow ice lightning

Blue Portal Night Grid (20x40)

wet waves water

Gate (20x40)

canyon rocky desert

Gate Grid (20x40)

cascade waterfall stream

Gate Night (20x40)

chimera arch dragon

Gate Night Grid (20x40)

lion goat guardian

Green Portal (20x40)

otherworldly mystical fey

Green Portal Grid (20x40)

entrance door doorway

Green Portal Night (20x40)

threshold entryway entry

Green Portal Night Grid (20x40)

egress exit passage

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