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Tiffany Munro

The cartographer is gently snoring in a hammock underneath a shady apple tree. A small brass bell dangles underneath a wooden sign which says, "Poke me if you need some help knowing where you're going next."


Hi, I'm Tiffany Munro, fantasy cartographer and world building consultant. I also create character tokens and elements to add to your roleplaying games.

Using add ons:
Option 1:
Drop the accessory (horns, for example) onto the square after positioning the character token of your choice. As not every pose is identical, you will have to pair the appropriate pose's accessory or it might not line up right. The correct accessory will line up, though, and be an object you can manipulate separately from the character. Could be fun to blow a hat off someone's head!
Option 2:
Open the horns and the token in Photopea (a free online image editor) and save them as a single transparent png. You will have to upload it yourself and it will count against your file limits.

License: Purchasing one of my packs will give you the permission to use the art on Roll20 in a private or professional game. You may screen capture or stream your game. You are also permitted to use a character token as an icon to represent yourself on any roleplaying related forum or Discord. You are permitted to download the art and reuse it on another virtual tabletop. You may modify the art in any way you like, so long as it's being used in a VTT roleplaying game.

Print quality art, rights for commercial use, and customized pieces can be acquired if you contact me privately.

Custom token variants: You have permission to recolor tokens or modify my art in any way for your game use after purchase. I will recolor a token to match your character's color scheme in exchange for a good deed performed in the real world.

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