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Hey everybody, Matt Colville here!

In 2016 I launched my "Running the Game" video series to show others that being a dungeon master is fun — and it's not that hard. With your incredible support and the successful funding of our first Kickstarter campaign to develop our 5e book "Strongholds & Followers", I was able to start MCDM Productions in 2018 and now 7 of my friends and I get to spend our days making dope stuff for tabletop RPGs.

Our mission still remains the same, though, which is to turn you from someone who wants to play TRPGs into someone who wants to run them. "Running the Game" has over 100 episodes on how to do just that, so what are you waiting for? It's time to roll bones and push lead!

You can check out my "Running the Game" videos here:

MCDM Productions is a group of (mostly) ex-video game developers who have joined forces to create tabletop game products and produce YouTube videos on how to run your first TRPG session or step-up your game if you're a more experienced Game Master.

We successfully Kickstarted and delivered our first 5e book, Strongholds & Followers, and we're currently wrapping up fulfillment on the follow-up book: Kingdoms & Warfare. Both books and PDFs are available through the MCDM shop, along with preorders for our other in-development products such as the Warfare Unit Card Deck, GM Screen, and over 20 resin minis.

We also release a monthly 5e digital magazine, ARCADIA, through our Patreon and shop and each issue usually clocks in at around 40 pages of unique, usable, and heavily playtested articles as well as resources like maps, handouts, and more.

The Illrigger is MCDM's first custom class for 5e, and also the first 3rd party 5e class on Roll20 (as well as MCDM's very first Roll20 product). We're very excited about its release and our collaboration with the Roll20 team!

Thank you all for your checking out our work and supporting small independent publishers like us. The lights are on at our studio because of you!

— The MCDM Crew