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Making Space - A DOAD Quest

Author: Dungeons on a Dime

Module: A complete adventure. Must be selected when creating a game.

This Module is available in the following bundles

A short one-shot or campaign, containing 3 encounters (2 social and 1 combat). Contains:
- 1 combat map (Abandoned warehouse, 3 layers, dynamic lightning enabled)
- 1 location map, connecting all encounters
- 8 story specific characters, with portraits and tokens
- 9 additional NPCs, featuring a range of inclusively written disabilities
- Adventure fully organised into handouts, with illustrated player handout.

Welcome to the North Quarter. You will be answering to Chancellor Fleettoe, who has commissioned a group of freelancers to investigate the creation of a series of 'quiet spaces' throughout his quarter, at the behest of several groups of citizens. You will need to scout out, assess the viability of, and make safe a number of locations, by any socially acceptable and legal means necessary. Good luck!

Normalise Neurodiversity and Disability
Written for both neurotypical and neurodiverse folx, this adventure is designed to raise a larger conversation about how we, as people, can all occupy space together as a community. Question who has a right to which spaces, and at what cost we can all cohabitate. Debrief afterwards with a guided reflection!

Urban Adventure
The city in this adventure is designed to easily fit into any setting, though the flavour leans towards fantasy. The majority of this adventure is system neutral. Name characters have stats that refer to the Adventures on a Dime rule-lite system, available for free at and through the Roll20 marketplace.

Explore Empathy
Each of the leads the adventurers can follow takes them to an issue without a clear solution. Players can see the impacts of their actions in hindsight, and experience that solutions that could benefit all parties might take more work than those that leave others at the wayside.

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