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Adventures on a Dime

Author: Dungeons on a Dime

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: FREE

Adventures on a Dime is a system designed to help a group of people tell stories about daring adventurers facing dangers large and small. As with many RPGs, there are two roles in this game. One player is the Narrator, who coordinates play for the Adventures, while the other players are Adventurers.

Published by Dungeons on a Dime, it's perfect for new game masters and players alike! Everything you need to play is part of this pack- an automated character sheet, rollable Ability Checks, and a custom playmat! Conflicts of any kind (such as arguments or combat) are resolved quickly, allowing your story to flow quickly.

An Adventurer's potential is measured with three abilities: Cunning, Vigour and Willpower. Each ability is represented by a Die, which you roll when using that ability to solve problems and handle dangerous situations. Adventurers can learn the skills for any job you can imagine, and these simple yet flexible rules let you create stories in all genres!

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