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Outbreak: Undead 2nd Ed - Intro Manual

Author: Hunters Entertainment $6.99

THE NEXT CHAPTER to the AWARD WINNING Zombie Survival Simulation RPG!

Outbreak: Undead.. is the ENnie award-winning RPG that first premiered at GenCon 2010 as the very first Zombie Survival Simulation RPG. The game debuted to a wide audience gaining popularity with both Role Players as well as the Zombie/Survivalist community, obtaining a 'PLATINUM SELLER' status on DTRPG.

Outbreak: Undead.. Zombie Survival Role Playing Game is a unique creature in the world of role playing games in that it presents a modular system to create your own horror setting. Not only can you explore a myriad of mortal terrors with a variety of undead or infected monsters, but it can examine psychological terrors that require characters to reach deep into their own psyche for safety. In addition, with the proprietary SPEW-AI (Strength Perception Empathy and Willpower-Assessment Inventory) players can create themselves as characters and test their mettle and skill in a world of apocalyptic terrors.

In this Intro Manual you will find...

The basics of gameplay for both players and gamemasters

Combat Mechanics around 'Intent, Check, Resolution'

Morale, Damage, and Healing

Gear and Training Values

Seven Premade Characters for Play

Introductory Scenario

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