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The Joy Thief

Author: Sewer Brew Games $9.99

All is not well in The North

As the year draws to a close and the bitter nights deepen, the people of Frostshear would normally be huddling closer around their hearths and looking forward to the celebration of the midwinter festival, when they can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the worst of the harsh winter weather is behind them…

This year however, they have more pressing matters on their minds, for all is not well in Frostshear.
Where is Father Midwinter? What has happened to all the children?... and who is building all these snowmen?!

As a sinister force threatens to engulf the village, it is up to our heroes to rescue the townsfolk from the encroaching threat, find the missing children, and undo the evil that has befallen the valley before the stroke of midnight on Deadwinter’s Eve - for if nothing is done, all the joy of the Midwinter Festival will be driven away leaving nothing but snow, ice, and darkness behind…

Who is this module for?

The Joy Thief is a festive jaunt through the snow-covered north (of your fantasy setting of choice) for 3-6 players, designed with young players in mind.

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