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The Relic

Author: CyborgPrime Games

Module: A complete adventure. Must be selected when creating a game.

Price: $14.99

When a mission to transport an archeology team to a nearby university takes an unexpected turn, the crew isn't sure who they can trust. But when the desperate crew works with their passengers to make a ground-breaking discovery, they uncover a secret hidden for millennia.

Will it make them wealthy beyond measure, or ruin life in the subsector forever?


Here's what players are saying about The Relic:
"This adventure killed my first character."
"Why did I take that job? WHY!?"
"This is crazy - we should turn back NOW."
"We have a lot of explaining to do..."
"I was forced to test the limits of my moral compass, both IRL and IC."
"I loved this module; it has everything from sci-fi to mysticism."
"I like the way you set this up. It could be a new episode of Dark Matter or The Expanse."
"I could hardly catch my breath!"
"Pass me my martini, we're going in hot!"
"They made me go first, then they left me behind in the dark!"

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