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Dragonwars of Trayth: A3- The Black Marshes of Thrallag

Author: Epic Quest Productions $24.99
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For 5th level characters

Clues uncovered in the conquered Dungeons of Belar reveal a larger plan in the draconic experiments. Traveling deep into enemy territory of Gelia, your group must look for the source of these experiments which are being guarded by the Black Dragon Lyrog in her marshes. The nobles fear she has an artifact with the power to teleport anywhere past any wards. It must be recovered to stop the abductions and cruel transformations of the nobles. It is well guarded by her loyal followers, abhorrent humanoid hybrids, and is deep in the high mountains among many evil Dragonlord lairs. A good scout, stealth and swift blades will be needed to complete this daunting task.

The Quest

System: Pathfinder
Length: Long Campaign (9+ sessions)
Starting Level: Low lvl
Features: Dynamic Lighting, Creature / NPC Character Sheets, Pre-gen PC Character Sheets, Rollable Tables, Jukebox Integration, Custom Macros

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