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Lands of Belfum: Heroes' Journey

Author: Rog Ol $11.99

View the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNPchP4czNY&feature=youtu.be

The Age of Heroes has finally begun! From all over the World of Edmos, heroes and adventurers come to this place in search of adventure and glory! A young group of would-be-heroes has received an invitation from a Court Wizard! Who knows what wonders and mysteries await!
Introducing Lands of Belfum: A fully fleshed-out campaign, for any sized party, for the Pathfinder System.

This wonderful toolkit includes a starter adventure path that will guide the party from Level 1-4, and an open-world sandbox for your players to continue their adventures and carry on their stories!

Campaign Features:

The whole continent is yours! What dangers and wonders await!

Created by Roger Uhler
Lead Artist: Joseph Rodriguez-Barbara
Original Soundtrack: Judson Cowen
Additional Programming: Matt W & Travis B
Playtested by Matt W, Travis B, Angie S, Sean B, Charlie, Bryan, Kyle C, and our beloved Harry
Additional Art: K Lynn Smith
Additional Art: Luis Brueh
Additional Assets: "Ayene-chan"

In-Game Tokens, Handouts, Use of Fog of War, Decks, & Rollable Tables.

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+ All Access Vault Enabled
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