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Barbarians of Belfum

Author: Rog Ol $4.99

RAAAUGHH!!! Is that thunder!? Is that lightning!?! NO! It's the BARBARIANS!
Theme Music Plays

Look out! It's a swarm of Liches! Watch as The Female Half Elf does her SPINNING GLAIVE DERVISH attack and sends those suckers to the grave...again!!!

Oh no! A tree! The Half Orc Male's Power Greataxe Attack will cut it down to size! Each one of these RAGING pieces is hand-made to bring the fight to the enemy! Each of the Core Races, both Male and Female included!

Made for The Lands of Belfum Module: https://marketplace.roll20.net/browse/module/38/ (Sold Separately)

18 Items Included in Barbarians of Belfum


lobbarbarian belfum lob gallowglass highlander pathfinder adventurer greatsword red barbarian melee fighter dwarf fantasy token


darf lobbarbarian belfum lob pathfinder norse adventurer warhammer helmet battleaxe horned viking barbarian hammer fighter fantasy token


lobbarbarian belfum lob pathfinder adventurer amazon blonde barbarian fighter spear elf warrior fantasy token


lobbarbarian belfum lob falchion handed pathfinder adventurer scimitar jungle two blonde barbarian fighter elf warrior fantasy token


nightstick lobbarbarian belfum lob swat pathfinder adventurer cop barbarian gnome fighter warrior fantasy token


unibrow undershirt boot tartan kilt lobbarbarian belfum lob greatclub wrench pathfinder adventurer barbarian gnome mustache fighter soldier fantasy token


khaki glave lobbarbarian belfum lob scarf pathfinder adventurer blade teal barbarian half fighter elf warrior fantasy token


longcoat battleaxe coat swashbuckler long half longsword elf fantasy token


rager lobbarbarian belfum lob pathfinder charger adventurer battleaxe barbarian fighter longsword fantasy token


bluejeans lobbarbarian belfum lob shirtless pathfinder greataxe adventurer barbarian fighter fantasy token


shortspear longspear lobbarbarian belfum lob pict celtic pathfinder adventurer tribal barbarian fighter spear warrior fantasy token


lobbarbarian belfum lob celtic pathfinder adventurer shortsword viking ancient berserker tribal barbarian fighter longsword warrior fantasy token


lobbarbarian belfum lob pathfinder hide adventurer viking barbarian fighter longsword armor fantasy token


meanie jerk lobbarbarian belfum lob greatclub pathfinder gangster adventurer barbarian punk club fighter fantasy token


lobbarbarian belfum lob raider gladiator pathfinder adventurer battleaxe barbarian fighter fantasy token


lobbarbarian belfum lob highlander pathfinder adventurer greatsword barbarian fighter fantasy token


belf ringmail lob belt tabard hood pathfinder adventurer warhammer helmet horned gauntlet chainmail viking leather barbarian wooden half helm fighter shield mace human knight fantasy token


bracers lobbarbarian belfum lob belt spiked boots pathfinder hide adventurer chainmail viking leather barbarian wooden fighter shield longsword fantasy token

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