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The Molten Vaults of Karak Nor

Author: Roaming Gnoll Adventures $5.99

The Bronzeye clan were once famous across the land of Pyre for their crafting skill and unparalleled use of rune magic. The greatest of their forges was said to contain wonders undreamt of in modern times. Of course, that was before the destruction of the old world and the decline of the dwarves. Now, it's hallowed halls are completely inaccessible, buried under untold mountains of rubble, ash, and charred debris... or, at least, they were. Rumors have begun to spread that someone or something has cleared the upper halls and as a result, there may be a route to the lower levels and the fabled treasure vaults themselves...

Descend into the smoldering depths of the lost forge and uncover the secrets of Karak Nor. Take heed though, you're likely not the only ones interested in the fabled vaults and the treasures they contain. Other malevolent factions are already en route and will doubtlessly be willing to fight to the death for control of the structure. Additionally, you'll have to contend with the strange, otherworldly creatures who now inhabit the ruins and defend them against all comers...

System: D&D 5E
Starting Level: 3
Length: One-shot
Features: Navigate and explore 6 full-color battle maps including 2 with illustrated, dynamic features that change and become more hazardous as the battle progresses. Each area contains detailed descriptions and tips for utilizing the art assets in addition to Dynamic Lighting and corresponding Jukebox tracks to provide the perfect ambiance for your players.

Encounter a variety of fully realized NPC's with their own motivations, personalities and tactics. Each one has their own top-down style token and is complete with macros to keep combats swift and exciting. Some even have alternate versions that can be used in response to player decisions.

Discover the secrets of the lost forge and the strange creatures that now inhabit it. Fight, sneak, or negotiate your way past a variety of foes and hazards as you uncover the story behind the destruction of the forge and how it ties into the larger history of the world itself.

Experience the first in a series of adventures set in an evolving campaign setting that will change and adapt in response to player choices as time goes on. Learn more about the beings and cultures that populate the continent of Pyre. Alternatively, this adventure can be easily adapted to fit in nearly any home brew or published campaign setting.

Finally, this adventure also contains 5 pre-generated characters with custom tokens and setting specific backgrounds so your players can jump right into the action.

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