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Heroic Markers: Red Dragon (Part 5)

Author: Heroic Roleplaying Press
This is available in the following bundles

Complete your toolkit with a massive collection of token markers--over 1,300 unique pieces! Heroic Markers has all of the markers you will ever need:

Heroic Markers: Red Dragon includes the markers from our Heroic Icons set re-designed for the token marker feature. All markers have been tested and optimized for use as token markers.

Heroic Icons markers are compatible with all tile sets and token frames from Heroic Roleplaying Press, and with any art packs created according to standard Roll20 guidelines.

Want more markers? The Heroic Icons series features over 18,000 markers in these great styles (and more):

Black/Silver (token marker set included)
Red/Gold (token marker set included)
Black Dragon (token marker set included)
Pink/Purple (token marker set included)
Blue/White/Gold (token marker set included)
Treasure (Silver/Gold)

Looking for token frames to show off your new token markers? Our Token Marker Frames set includes over 150 portrait frames specifically designed for token markers!

Note: Heroic Icons also includes the core set of alphanumeric markers (A-Z, 0-99) found in other marker sets.

Icons adapted under Creative Commons license 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/) courtesy of the following game-icons.net artists:

Lorc, http://lorcblog.blogspot.com; Delapouite, http://delapouite.com; John Colburn, http://ninmunanmu.com; Felbrigg, http://blackdogofdoom.blogspot.co.uk; John Redman, http://www.uniquedicetowers.com; Carl Olsen, https://twitter.com/unstoppableCarl; sbed, http://opengameart.org/content/95-game-icons; PriorBlue, https://game-icons.net; Willdabeast, http://wjbstories.blogspot.com; Viscious Speed, http://viscious-speed.deviantart.com; Lord Berandas, http://berandas.deviantart.com; Irongamer, http://ecesisllc.wix.com/home; HeavenlyDog, http://www.gnomosygoblins.blogspot.com; Lucas, https://game-icons.net; Faithtoken, http://www.faithtoken.com; Skoll, https://game-icons.net; Andy Meneely, http://www.se.rit.edu/~andy/; Cathelineau, https://game-icons.net; Kier Heyl, https://game-icons.net; Simon (aussiesim), https://game-icons.net; sparker, http://citizenparker.com; Zeromancer, https://game-icons.net; rihlsul, https://game-icons.net; Quoting, https://game-icons.net; Guard13007, https://guard13007.com; DarkZaitzev, http://darkzaitzev.deviantart.com; SpencerDub, https://game-icons.net; GeneralAce135, https://game-icons.net; Zajkonur, https://game-icons.net; catsu, https://game-icons.net; starseeker, https://game-icons.net; Pepijn Poolman, https://game-icons.net; Pierre Leducq, https://game-icons.net

174 Token Markers Included in Heroic Markers: Red Dragon (Part 5)

Icon - Skeleton King 1-1 undead icon token
Icon - Mushroom 1-1 fungal icon token
Icon - Mushroom 2-1 marker icon token
Icon - Mushroom Cloud 1-1 marker icon token
Icon - Music 1-1 lyrical icon token
Icon - Mysterious Figure 1-1 surprise icon token
Icon - Mystic 1-1 symbol icon token
Icon - Nature 1-1 marker icon token
Icon - Necromancy 1-1 necromancer icon token
Icon - Necrotic Damage 1-1 necrotic damage icon
Icon - Needle 1-1 tailor icon token
Icon - Negotiation 1-1 marker icon token
Icon - Net 1-1 trap icon token
Icon - Night Sky 1-1 dark icon token
Icon - Ninja 1-1 shadow icon token
Icon - Nova 1-1 marker icon token
Icon - Ocean 1-1 oean icon token
Icon - Octopus 1-1 octopus icon token
Icon - Ogre 1-1 ogre icon token
Icon - Omega 1-1 marker icon token
Icon - Ooze 1-1 ooze icon token
Icon - Ooze 2-1 marker icon token
Icon - Open Book 1-1 museum icon token
Icon - Orb 1-1 planet icon token
Icon - Orb 2-1 planets icon token
Icon - Orbit 1-1 space icon token
Icon - Orc 1-1 orc icon token
Icon - Owl 1-1 familiar icon token
Icon - Paladin 1-1 paladin icon token
Icon - Parasite 1-1 marker icon token
Icon - Parry 1-1 marker icon token
Icon - Pass Without Trace 1-1 stealth icon token
Icon - Paw Print 1-1 marker icon token
Icon - Pawn 1-1 marker icon token
Icon - Peace 1-1 peace diplomacy dove
Icon - Pen 1-1 written icon token
Icon - Penguin 1-1 marker icon token
Icon - Persuasion 1-1 marker icon token
Icon - Pick a Card 1-1 marker icon token
Icon - Piercing Shot 1-1 marker icon token
Icon - Pill 1-1 marker icon token
Icon - Pills 1-1 marker icon token
Icon - Pincer 1-1 marker icon token
Icon - Pincers 2-1 marker icon token
Icon - Piranha 1-1 fish icon token
Icon - Pirate Skeleton 1-1 pirate icon token
Icon - Pistols 1-1 marker icon token
Icon - Plant Growth 1-1 marker icon token
Icon - Plant Growth 2-1 marker icon token
Icon - Plant Growth 3-1 marker icon token
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