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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Token Marker Frames

Author: Heroic Roleplaying Press $6.99 USD

For the first time, Token Marker Frames gives players and game masters over 150 token frames designed to display token markers:

All frames are presented in 560px size, and are compatible with standard and custom token markers. The frames are ideal for highlighting downloaded marker sets and for testing your own custom markers.

All token frames are fully compatible with all map packs and token frames from Heroic Roleplaying Press, with tokens created using the Token Makers Toolkit, with markers from the Heroic Icons series, and with any art packs created according to standard Roll20 guidelines.

170 Items Included in Token Marker Frames

Green Frame (Open, 3x3) 1-2

frame marker token

Green Frame (Open, 3x3) 1-1

token marker frame green

Black Frame (Open, 3x3) 1-4

metallic border black

Black Frame (Open, 3x3) 1-3

custom frame token

Black Frame (Open, 3x3) 1-2

frame huge token

Black Frame (Open, 3x3) 1-1

frame border portrait

Gold Frame (Open, 3x3) 1-1

custom marker custom marker

Gold Frame (Open, 3x3) 1-3

frame player gold

Gold Frame (Open, 3x3) 1-2

frame npc gold

Shield Frame 1-2

iron shield knight

Shield Frame 1-1

frame fighter shield

Green Frame (Open, 4x4) 1-4

frame green dragon

Green Frame (Open, 4x4) 1-3

gargantuan green token

Green Frame (Open, 4x4) 1-2

border green token

Green Frame (Open, 4x4) 1-1

heroic markers token marker token

Silver Frame (Open, 4x4) 1-4

heroic icons metallic silver

Silver Frame (Open, 4x4) 1-3

heroic dungeons frame silver

Silver Frame (Open, 4x4) 1-2

border silver token

Silver Frame (Open, 4x4) 1-1

frame border token

Gold Frame (Open, 4x4) 1-4

frame border token

Gold Frame (Open, 4x4) 1-2

frame border token

Gold Frame (Open, 4x4) 1-3

gargantuan gold dragon

Gold Frame (Open, 4x4) 1-1

golden metal gold

Silver Frame (Open, 2x2) 1-4

premium silver large

Silver Frame (Open, 2x2) 1-3

silver metal token

Silver Frame (Open, 2x2) 1-2

frame border token

Silver Frame (Open, 2x2) 1-1

frame border token

Blue Frame (Open, 2x2) 1-4

metallic blue frame blue

Blue Frame (Open, 2x2) 1-3

border blue token

Blue Frame (Open, 2x2) 1-2

claws large token

Blue Frame (Open, 2x2) 1-1

blue monster token

Red Frame (Open, 2x2) 1-4

infernal red token

Red Frame (Open, 2x2) 1-3

red fire token

Red Frame (Open, 2x2) 1-2

border villain red

Red Frame (Open, 2x2) 1-1

vampire red blood

Black Frame (Open, 2x2) 1-4

claws black undead

Black Frame (Open, 2x2) 1-3

black metal token

Black Frame (Open, 2x2) 1-2

metallic black border token

Black Frame (Open, 2x2) 1-1

token marker custom marker frame

Gold Frame (Open, 2x2) 1-4

token marker gm marker

Gold Frame (Open, 2x2) 1-3

custom dm frame

Gold Frame (Open, 2x2) 1-2

custom legendary portrait

Gold Frame (Open, 2x2) 1-1

special frame token

Wood Frame (Open) 1-4

frame roll20 wood

Wood Frame (Open) 1-3

frame wood elf

Wood Frame (Open) 1-2

druid elven elf

Wood Frame (Open) 1-1

forest natural nature

Black Frame (Open) 1-4

frame border black

Black Frame (Open) 1-3

frame border token

Black Frame (Open) 1-2

frame border token

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