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Roll20 Marketplace Product

[Ch3rry's] Class Token Marker Set 1 Light

Author: Ch3rry Blossume

Token Marker Set: Add a set to your game, then Token Markers can be added to individual tokens while playing. Token Markers

Price: $5.99

So these are my markers for the Class Abilities of Artificer, Bard, and Barbarian. I looked at all the abilities from those classes that were not instant, companions with their own token, or one time extra damage. All of these last more then one turn or till there next turn. Anyway I did the UA (Unearthed Arcana) and the printed sub classes for these classes.

43 Token Markers Included in [Ch3rry's] Class Token Marker Set 1 Light

Artificer - Arcane Armor Guardian Light
Artificer - Arcane Armor Inflitrator Light
Artificer - Experimental Elixir Boldness Light
Artificer - Experimental Elixir Flight Light
Artificer - Experimental Elixir Resilience Light
Artificer - Experimental Elixir Swiftness Light
Artificer - Experimental Elixir Transformation Light
Artificer - Flamethrower Light
Artificer - Force Ballista Light
Artificer - Protector Cannon Light
Barbarian - Rage Light
Barbarian - Rage Ancestral Guardians Light
Barbarian - Rage Beast Bite Light
Barbarian - Rage Beast Claws Light
Barbarian - Rage Beast Tail Light
Barbarian - Rage GiantLight
Barbarian - Rage Storm Desert Light
Barbarian - Rage Storm Sea Light
Barbarian - Rage Storm Tundra Light
Barbarian - Rage Totem Bear Light
Barbarian - Rage Totem Eagle Light
Barbarian - Rage Totem Elk Light
Barbarian - Rage Totem Tiger Light
Barbarian - Rage Totem Wolf Light
Bard - Bardic Inspiration D6 Light
Bard - Bardic Inspiration D8 Light
Bard - Bardic Inspiration D10 Light
Bard - Bardic Inspiration D12 Light
Bard - Countercharm Light
Bard - History Whims Lucky Light
Bard - History Whims Resistance Light
Bard - History Whims Swiftness Light
Bard - Mantle of Whispers Light
Bard - Mote of Potential Light
Bard - Tale of the Avenger Light
Bard - Tale of the Clever Animal Light
Bard - Tale of the Traveler Light
Bard - Tumbling Fool Light
Bard - Unbreakable Majesty Light
Bard - Universal Speech Light
Bard - Unsettling Words Light
Bard - War Echoes Light
Bard - Word of Power Light

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