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Prepared! The Obsidian Pass

Author: Kobold Press

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

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The Obsidian Pass (Four 14th to 15th-Level PCs)

A fey village in an ancient grove has been repelling the aggression of a sorcerer living in the nearby mountain. The village leader, Eusim Bladewreathe, is very concerned that the enchanted mirror that the faeries protect will be taken by the sorcerer. The mirror, also known as the Bending Glass, is a powerful artifact, made to amplify magic.

Eusim has received word that the sorcerer has created a monstrous siege weapon and is moving its two halves across a nearby pass. The sorcerer’s soldiers have reinforced the forest side of the pass to secure the area for the arrival of the siege weapon’s power source. If the two halves are joined, the resulting weapon would be near impossible to stop. Eusim offers the PCs permanent access to the faerie’s teleportation portal if they agree to prevent the siege weapon from being constructed. Arriving at the front line, the PCs must break the fortified positions of the sorcerer’s clockwork soldiers and stand before a true juggernaut: the salt golem.

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