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Boon Runes: Olympian Edition

Author: Odinson Games $4.99

Boon Runes: Olympian Edition

Boon Runes are back and infused with the wisdom and anger of the Olympian gods! Boon Runes: Olympian Edition is a deck of digital cards that operate as a reward for players who go above and beyond the call of duty, make their names worthy of an epic, or otherwise dispatch their foes in a suitably heroic fashion. Boon Runes: Olympian Edition is designed for D&D 5e to reflect the Olympian Pantheon detailed in the 5e. Player’s Handbook.

How Boon Runes Work

There are 20 unique Boon Runes in this deck, and each card explains when it can be played and its function within the game.

DMs determine when player’s earn Boon Runes. A DM might award a Boon Rune for RP that further develops a character in a nuanced way, a noble sacrifice for the greater good, or dealing the death blow to an ancient dragon with a nat 20—it’s up to you.

Players decide when they play their Boon Runes and may do so at any point during their turn.

Each card has two functions: passive and active. Players benefit from a passive function so long as they hold it in their hand. Alternatively, players may use the active ability by discarding the card. Active abilities are exceedingly powerful, the perfect push for when you’re all out of tricks.

The gods are fickle and jealous beings and players may only invoke the blessings of a few. Players may only have two Boon Runes in their hand at any time. If a player is awarded another Boon Rune when their hand is full, they must either activate one and discard it or exchange one with the new Boon Rune.

Card samples

Why You Need Boon Runes: Olympian Edition

Boon Runes: Olympian Edition adds a new complexity for both combat and reward systems in-game. Just like standard Boon Runes, these cards are meant to cause chaos befitting a demi-god - the Poseidon Amulet gives you control of water! These cards are a great way to balance stale combat, emphasize elements of heroic fantasy, and provide a safety valve for those catastrophic nat 1’s.

If you’re a player, Boon Runes: Olympian Edition will make your actions that much more worthy of the gods. You have a chance to remake your fate or vanquish your foes with devastating results. If you’re a player AND a demigod, then your 12 labors will be that much greater.

If you’re a DM, Boon Runes: Olympian Edition affords you with two coveted DM techniques: a flexible reward system for excellent play, and an opportunity to be merciless - your players have the Zeus Amulet, so they’ll (probably) be fine. Want to run an Olympian campaign? Hammer that theme home, and bring the gods to life for you players. How pleased is Ares, you ask? Here’s his personal spear.

Odin (or Zeus) bids you rise, heroes!

Want the original Boon Runes? Find them here.

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