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Odinson's Boon Runes

Author: Odinson Games $4.99

Introducing Boon Runes

Boon Runes are a deck of digital cards that operate as a reward for players who go above and beyond the call of duty, make their names worthy a saga, or otherwise dispatch their foes in a suitably epic fashion. Though Boon Runes are designed for D&D 5e, they can be used in any d20-based system.

How Boon Runes Work

There are 20 unique Boon Runes in the deck, and each card explains when it can be played and its function within the game.

Players earn Boon Runes at the GM’s discretion. A GM might award a player with a Boon Rune for RP that further develops a character in a nuanced way, a noble sacrifice for the greater good, or dealing the death blow to an ancient dragon with a nat 20—it’s up to you.

There is no limit to a player’s hand size. A player may decide, however, to discard 5 Boon Runes for a permanent +2 bonus to an attribute of their choice. GMs may decide to provide an alternative milestone reward suitable for their players or system such as a feat, additional skill bonuses, or increased renown.

Card samples

Why You Need Boon Runes

Boon Runes add a dynamic to your game that impacts both core mechanics and the metagame elements — the Rune of Fate forces the GM to re-roll! These cards are a great way to balance stale combat, emphasize elements of heroic fantasy, a provide a safety valve for those catastrophic nat 1’s.

If you’re a player, Boon Runes will make your actions that much more legendary. You have a chance to remake your fate or vanquish your foes with devastating results.

If you’re a GM, Boon Runes affords you with two coveted GM techniques: a reward system for excellent play, and an opportunity to be merciless—your players have The Druid’s Rune, so they’ll be fine. Probably.

#Odin bids you rise, heroes!

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