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Bandit's Nest

Author: Support Class $7.99

Bandit's Nest is an adaptation from Dan Coleman's Dungeons on Demand series, updated and prepared for Roll20!

This module is designed for a party of level 1 characters, and can often be played in a single gaming session, requires little planning beforehand aside from reading the packet, and gives plenty of options to make the dungeon fit seamlessly within the owner’s campaign.

The story so far:

Once a holy site to Alairros, the Soldier God, this temple served as a place of solace, reflection, and worship in a time long past. Whatever lost empire created this place has since fallen to antiquity and obscurity, and the ravages of time have taken their toll. But a new faction has taken residence, and it's up to your adventurers to discover the secrets the temple still holds!

Included in this edition of Bandit's Nest:

"Player Safe" map overlays quietly hide plot devices (without dynamic lighting needed) until you're ready to reveal them to your group


Written by Dan Coleman

Edited by Rico Gilbert

Roll20 adaptation and art by Chris Hanel

System: D&D 5e
Starting Level: 1
Length: One-shot
Features: Dynamic Lighting, Tokens with Stats, NPC Character Sheets, Custom Macros
This product functions as an addon.

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