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Cryptic Entry

Author: Support Class $7.99

Cryptic Entry is an adaptation from Dan Coleman's Dungeons on Demand series, updated and prepared for Roll20! This module is designed for a party of level 1 characters, and is written to be integrated into your campaign as effortlessly as possible.

The story so far: Intrepid explorer Reslin Kine garnered a modest reputation and fortune for himself throughout his years adventuring. When he learned he'd die of an incurable illness before his first child would be born, Reslin hired the best workers and wizards he could find to create a vault to protect his son's inheritance. Reslin kept a journal of his efforts, logging the information necessary for his heir to find the vault and claim its treasures.

Whatever came of Reslin Kine, his family, or his treasure is now the stuff of stories. Through whatever circumstance, the party has managed to get their hands on a few tattered pages of Reslin’s journal. The cryptic entries noted there contain clues to finding his vault, and the treasure which awaits inside!

Included in this edition of Cryptic Entry:

Written by Dan Coleman
Edited by Rico Gilbert
Roll20 adaptation and updated art by Chris Hanel

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