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Fierce Tempers

Author: Support Class $7.99

Fierce Tempers is an adaptation from Dan Coleman's Dungeons on Demand series, updated and prepared for Roll20!

This module is designed for a party of level 8 characters, will take them to level 9, and can often be played in a single gaming session. It requires little planning beforehand aside from reading the packet, and gives plenty of options to make the dungeon fit seamlessly within the GM's campaign.

The story so far:

The party has delved into an Azeran stronghold, The Forge of Creation - constructed eons ago during a war fought against the efreeti on the Inner Planes.

The prized possession of the Forge was an azeran malleus, a hammer enchanged with the power to create new azer. They hid it in the Forge before returning through a portal to the Inner Planes, leaving it to fall to the wayside of antiquity.

At least, that's how things would have stayed, if not for a duergar mining party inadvertently tunneling into the Forge and discovering its secrets - as well as the efreeti being alerted to its existence in the process!

Can your adventuring party fight through multiple opposing factions and tricky puzzles to wrest the secrets held in this ancient temple?

Included in this edition of Fierce Tempers:


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