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Critical Pixel Addon 18

Author: Zeshio $5.49

Critical Pixel Addon 18 Overview

After months of teasing, the Critical Pixel series is pleased to announce the dwarf class addon! This is the first small humanoid addon pack for Critical Pixel.

Now you can invite your dwarven brothers (and sisters!) to explore what happens when you dig too deep!

Hint: it doesn't include fluffy, harmless creatures...


  1. Over 400 dwarf tokens, each sorted in rollable tables!
  2. Male and female dwarves come with 12 classes
  3. For the first time ever, artificer and battlerager classes are here!
  4. Each class comes with a variety of dress colors and weapons!
  5. Each class comes with an unconscious token- make your knocked out players look good!
  6. Goes great with other pixel art packs and maps!

How Do Rollable Tables work?

When you purchase this addon, you'll be able to add it to a Roll20 game. The rollable tables will be listed under the collections button. Each sex and class has their own rollable table token. For example, all colors of male barbarians are in one multi-sided token.

You can change a token side by first placing a token (click on the token button). Once on the battlemat, right click it and select 'multisided'. Scroll through the icons to find the one you want.

To snap a rollable table token to the grid, right click it and click on 'Advanced' - 'Is Drawing'. It will now snap to the grid.

What is the difference between this addon and the regular pack?

Both come with all the tokens. However, the regular pack does not have the tokens in rollable tables. You'll need to manually sort them into tables yourself (This usually takes me about 4 hours of naming and uploading for 400 tokens). The regular packs are great for people who want to download the tokens and use them on and off of Roll20.

I specifically created these tokens with rollable tables in mind, allowing you to easily right click a token to change them without having to drop a new token (for an unconscious body, change of weapon, etc). Ultimately, it's your preference!


By purchasing, you support me as an independent artist. I really appreciate it! If you have any questions or comments, you can DM me on Roll20 or find me on [Twitter!]


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