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Mega Dungeon of Doom

Author: Meditating Munky

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

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Mega Dungeon of Doom

APL (Average Party Level): TPK

Beneath layers of forgotten stone and arcane mysteries lies the Mega Dungeon of Doom!!! Crafted with the intricate mastery of dwarven masons, this labyrinth was initially devised as a grand palace to a once-powerful king, but its true purpose was far more sinister. As whispers of its creation wound through shadowy corridors, the prison, designed to confine the most abhorrent criminals and creatures, evolved into the realm of Magus Skylord. The dungeon, now pulsating with dark energy, is a trove of the Great Magi's unfathomable treasures and a playground for his most twisted experiments.

Amidst the winding, decrepit passages lies a plethora of arcane enchantments and deadly creatures wrought from the twisted mind of Magus Skylord. Through temporal prisons guarded by ancient sphinxes to the abyssal hives that house swarms of unspeakable horrors, the dungeon distorts the very essence of time and space. The Planar Workshop, deep within the dungeon’s cryptic bowels, is where Skylord’s ambitions reach their zenith. A monstrous creation, dubbed ‘Notheldur,’ gestates here - a monstrosity capable of laying waste to entire civilizations.

As explorers of this forgotten domain tread lightly on cobblestones echoing with the wails of tormented souls, it becomes evident that the Mega Dungeon of Doom is not merely a place; it is a living, breathing entity with the sole purpose of safeguarding the dark legacies of Magus Skylord. Only the bravest or the most foolish dare enter its gates, for those who do, seldom return.

What's Included?

Part 15 of 15 from the Tome of Dungeons collection

If you would like the full release of all 15 dungeons from the book, you can get it here

This adventure is part of the Seventh Moon Adventures series, set in the captivating World of Celia, and can be easily adapted into any other campaign settings.

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