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Dynamic Dungeons Vol. 1: Cultist!

Author: Meditating Munky $5.99

Entire town go perma-dark again? Those pesky Vampire Cultists must be at it again... Well I say it's time we go march on down to their little lair and shine on them with the good kind word! With Dynamic Dungeons Vol 1 you can sacrifice your party to cultist with 10 Lair maps of various sizes from small, large to really really big huge...

These Maps are enhanced with Dynamic Lighting!

If you would rather have the set without Dynamic Lighting, grab the Map Pack Vol 13 Version!

You speak in tongues too? Follow me on Twitter for more incoherent chanting.

This version of Map Pack Vol 13: Cultist Lairs is enhanced with Dynamic Lighting and Advanced Fog of War.

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