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Deathmist Vault

Author: Meditating Munky

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

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Deathmist Vault

APL (Average Party Level): 2

Deep within the Lefrik Forest, a few miles north of Aspen, lies the Deathmist Vault. A place once serene and peaceful, it is now a den of danger and disease. Its halls echo with whispers from its past - the sacred garden tended by an ancient druid. Yet, an ominous shadow has now fallen over this place. A band of smugglers, known as The Crimson Claw, have made this vault their stronghold. Their leader, Xavia and her bodyguard The Butcher, have uncovered the dark secrets left behind in these gardens of Lylas. What twisted experiments lurk within these ancient walls? What monstrous abominations have been birthed from their sinister machinations?

Delve into a Dungeon of secrets where each corner is filled with traps and puzzles. Will you make allies with The Crimson Claw and talk with the words, or will you talk with your sword and bring them all to justice? Will you be able to win the trust of the disgruntled bandits, or will your presence ignite the fuse of a deadly confrontation?

What's Included?

Part 1 of 15 from the Tome of Dungeons collection

If you would like the full release of all 15 dungeons from the book, you can get it here

This adventure is part of the Seventh Moon Adventures series, set in the captivating World of Celia, and can be easily adapted into any other campaign settings.

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