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Mystery of Thorngage Manor

Author: Red Lion B&B LLC

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $6.99

Welcome to the Anhult Wildlands!

The small forest village, Treir, with a few farm houses, a small tavern, and a hunter's guild peeks through the gaps between the tall trees. The caravan of wagons winding along the road needs to stop to rest the horses in the village. After being on the road for over a week, a tavern and an actual bed would be very welcome. Plus, the lead caravan driver has been talking up the tavern's moonshine and telling stories of a haunted manor nearby.

They say Thorngage Manor was a small settlement, a collection of buildings, somewhere in the forests. It has stood empty for many years, nearly a decade or so no one can remember exactly. The manor was not located near the road. Rumors suggest that they had substantial wealth from trade, including barrels and barrels of Ale and commissions for jewelry and calligraphy.

No one knows what became of the settlement. Most suspect old age caught up with them inhabitants or they moved to comfort in the south versus living in the wilds. Many of the people in the forest are recent immigrants so don’t have first-hand knowledge. Those that have been around longer only have vague recollections, it never seemed important to document. The details of Thorngage Manor have faded in a short time to rumor and myth.

There is an old settlement hunters know of in the forest, it could be Thorngage Manor. Few have dared to venture close to it due to the feeling that something watches you as you walk around the buildings. Parents tell stories of children who venture through the woods and go too close to Thorngage Manor never to return. A few adventurers have declared they were heading to get the treasures but have not been heard from since they embarked on that mission. Perhaps they found the treasure and headed off to their retirement in some Southern city... or perhaps not.

Product Information

Mystery of Thorngage Manor is a Fifth Edition adventure for three to six characters of 1st to 2nd level, optimized for a party of four 1st-level characters. It can be run as a one-shot in any forest setting and can be bundled with future Anhult Wildlands setting products for a longer campaign.

Anhult Wildlands content on Roll20 uses the Dungeons & Dragons by Roll20 sheet.

Included with the Roll20 version of Mystery of Thorngage Manor:


Writing by George Sanders
Layout by Kari Jo “Kage” Freudigmann (
Anhult Wildlands setting copyright George Sanders, used with permission. All rights reserved.
Maps made with
Token artwork copyright DungeonVault, used with permission. All rights reserved.
Cover Art "Forest during daytime", photo by Tim Mossholder via Pixabay
VTT Conversion by George Sanders
Music by Ian Ravnskjold

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Questions and Support

Why is the author the Red Lion B&B?
Because George is an Innkeeper and owns a Bed & Breakfast and somehow he is going to work in ttrpg getaway packages! Along with building a library of adventures, short stories, and books. Plus, an Inn seems like a good place to start a writing adventure.

If you encounter any issues with this adventure on Roll20, visit my Anhult Wildlands Support Page and let me know what goblins you are fighting!

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