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Instant Tavern Cards

Author: Patrick Von Raven

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $5.49

The Concept
The idea is simple. Draw four cards, one from each category deck: CONSTRUCTION, DETAILS, PRICES and CROWD. From those drawn cards comes a quick idea for a tavern. Of course, you can draw more than one card from each deck if you wish or even ignore those that may not go well with the others.

You don't even have to strictly follow what the cards say; if it inspires tangents or alterations, then the cards have done their job!

This card set also comes with a bonus Tavern Name Generator

Using the Decks
It's recommended that you shuffle the decks before each use. There are four decks, each representing a component of of the tavern. Starting with the CONSTRUCTION deck, draw a card and place it in the CONSTRUCTION space found on the game board. Do the same with the remaining three decks (DETAILS, PRICES and CROWD) for their respective spaces.

The Decks


These cards tell you whether the structure is one or two stories and of what material it's constructed of.

Let's use an example: My players decided to go to a tavern that I hadn't prepared for. So, I quickly turn to my Instant Tavern Cards. I draw a card that reads Single story wood building with a yellow tiled roof.


These cards will tell you any standout detail that tavern may have that you can give your players.

In keeping with the example in the section above, I draw from this deck a card that reads Warped walls. Cool, but I want a little more so I draw a second card. This one reads Cow skin rugs scattered across the floor. Okay, I'm happy with both.


These cards will tell you whether the prices are fair, high or low.

Continuing with the example, I draw a card that reads Fair (matches the prices in the PHB). Okay, so I can use prices found in the rulebook.


These cards will tell whether the place is crowded or empty or somewhere in between. Some will even tell you what kind of crowd may be found inside.

Continuing, I draw a card that reads Rowdy crowd.

One last step. the Tavern Name Generator macro. So, let's try it out. I click the button and get The Roaring Mermaid. Ha! Can't you just picture the sign for this place?

Okay, in the seconds it takes to draw just five cards and press a macro button, I have now have an idea of the kind of tavern my players will find: The Roaring Mermaid, a single story wood building with a yellow tiled roof. The proprietor charges a fair price. The walls are warped and cow skin rugs litter the floor. There's a rowdy crowd inside. Nice! I can just see this tavern. Maybe a bar fight will break out...

That's it! Simple, right? Now go have fun!

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