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Instant Chase Cards

Author: Patrick Von Raven $4.99

Need to Create A Chase Fast?

No problem! Here's Your Solution!

The Concept

The idea is simple. Draw six cards from the appropriate deck for the terrain you've selected: Forest, Mountain, or Urban. From those drawn cards are the chase events that will determine the flow and outcome of your pursuit.

The Decks

There are three decks, each containing a terrain chase challenge or event. You will find some duplicates of certain cards in each deck. This is intentional as that particular challenge is likely to come up more than once, such as crowded streets in a city chase or fallen logs in a forest pursuit.


As the name entails, you will use this for a chase that is set in a forest. Everything from balancing across deadfalls to river crossings.


This next deck gives you challenges appropriate to mountains and hills, from cliffs to narrow ledges.


These cards help you build an exciting city chase, from cart races to rooftop runs.

This goes well with Instant Story Cards

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