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Author: Mammoth Factory

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $12.99

Wild Hunt

In ancient times, when the fey were ascendant, the human kingdoms of Gwyll Forest held to sacred codes of conduct that ensured peace. Time has eroded the memory of these old laws, however, and with every passing year more of the ancient oaths sworn under Gwyll’s shadowed boughs are broken. For the most part, the elves of the forest have watched impassively, reasoning that it is mankind’s nature as a short-lived species to forget its promises, but not all are content to let the old laws be forgotten.

Prince Gwalchamai, a powerful and beloved elven lord, has engineered an attack upon the nearby town of Antlewood by a rare silverback owlbear. Knowing that the humans will send hunters after the beast, and understanding that its death would aggrieve the oldest fey of the forest, he is attempting to bait an unsuspecting hunter into a situation where they might spill elvish blood. With the death of an elf by human hands, Gwalchamai can summon the Lord of the Hunt, a powerful archfey of vengeance that will rampage until every mortal has been driven far from Gwyll Forest’s borders.

He has succeeded in baiting a young, reckless hunter into the forest, and now only the timely intervention of a group of intrepid heroes can prevent the Lord of the Hunt’s summoning. To do so, they must delve deep into the eerie, fey-haunted forest and face the trials of its eldest inhabitants…
Wild Hunt can be run as a single adventure, or Part III in the Hoard of Ghaundal campaign, an overarching story-arc that spans across 6 smaller adventures.

This adventure is designed for four to five 6th-level characters.

Quick Guide

System: D&D 5e
Format: Forest Adventure
Recommended Average Party Level: 6
Length: Short Arc (3-4 Sessions) or Part 2 of a Campaign (18-24 Sessions)


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