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The Bloodbay Abduction

Author: Castle Clark Games

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $4.99

Stay off the chopping block!

Or you'll wind up like a fish head in the fetid bay. Which is what the folk of Bloodbay Harbor think happed to the son of the Dockmaster, Oneleg Peet. Step into the wrong dark alley on the Chopdocks and fttttt! But Oneleg Peet isn't so sure, he's convinced someone's kidnapped his son, and is after his turf, and now there's a gang war on the streets and nowhere is safe.

The Bloodbay Abduction is a one-shot 5E DnD OGL compatible adventure. The players begin the adventure in the pirate-ridden seaside port town of Bloodbay Harbor, on the treacherous Yelling Sea. The docks are run by an old salt who is as clever as he is dangerous, but there is something happening that even old Oneleg can't handle: A dark, undead creature is trying to gain a foothold in the world again, and it needs souls to feed on, and slaves to serve it, and it has begun kidnapping folk from Bloodbay Harbor. Can the players find the clues they need to solve the mysterious disappearances? And will they survive the journey to the mysterious Isle of Veils to stop the evil in its tracks?

What do you get in The Bloodbay Abduction?

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