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Cult of a Feather: Adventures in Amberhall, Episode 7

Author: Arcane Vault Assembly

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $6.99
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Cult of a Feather
The homeless and vulnerable of Amberhall are disappearing. The authorities are blind to their plight so the wretches have turned to you. Can you stop the kidnappings? A group of cultists nurtures creatures that ought not to be in the city. Of course, these creatures must eat, so the group is nabbing vulnerable people out of the catacombs.

What's new: Monk subclass, the Order of the Feather
What's cool: Battle on multiple levels of a burned-out cathedral

Cult of a Feather is a one-shot adventure for 7th-level characters set in the great city of Amberhall (or any other large city of your choice or campaign). This is the seventh episode in Season One of AVA One-Shot Adventures in Amberhall. One-shot adventures in this series can be played as stand-alone games or as a series of episodic adventures.

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