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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Adventure: Horse Heist

Author: Dungeon Rogues

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $7.99

Horse Heist is an adventure created for 4 characters of level 1-4. This adventure is campaign setting neutral and can easily take place in any fantasy world. The total potential number of experience points to be awarded by this adventure are: 1600 XP

What's going on?

A prized horse is stolen, and the owner will give anything to have it returned. A hobgoblin bandit and its wolf and goblin crew are responsible.

What's included?

Maps. Two areas mapped and ready for your VTT of choice.
Grid, No Grid, and Notated options of all maps. Includes no roof map as well.

Monsters. All of the Monsters and stat blocks needed to play right away. Includes 4 monsters (Wolf, Dire Wolf, Goblin) and the unique Hobgoblin Bandit.

Items. Includes unique item (Iron Spike) a sentient longsword.

Adventure. Easy to follow Adventure that works as a one-shot or fits nicely into an ongoing campaign.

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