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Castle of the Vampire

Author: Keith Reinig $5.99

Are you brave enough to hunt to the Vampire Lord in his own castle?

Top down maps compatible with everyone's favorite vampire adventure.

Includes 9 pages, fully configured with Dynamic Lighting, covering all 10 floors of the castle. Stair climbs are labeled and secret doors marked annotated on the GM layer.

These maps fully compatible with the home of everyone's favorite cursed vampire lord. Features:

Map Dimensions:
Dungeons and Catacombs

Larder of Ill Omen

Main Level Top

Main Level Middle

Main Level Bottom

Court of the Count

Rooms of Weeping Top

Rooms of Weeping Bottom

Spires 6

Spires 7

Spires 8

Spires 9-10

Trivia: If you printed the main level map at 1"" = 5' it would be about the size of 1 1/2 sheets of plywood.

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