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Into the Clouds

Author: Jeff Stevens Games

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

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In the lead up to Leavesfall—the harvest time—the village of Ivyford has been a buzz of activity. Each year, the local temple puts on a wonderful Harvest Festival with folk song and dance, vegetable and fruit competitions, and a harvest play that draws not only the local populace but visitors from miles around. This year, the preparations have been cut short. The lead carpenter, Maryn Thatch, is missing. Without her, the decorations that bring Leavesfall to life will never be completed on time.

Maryn was kidnapped while on a hike in the Hindwoods, an activity she undertook alone to survey trees for felling. She was taken by the injured cloud giant Cirraal, whose arm was recently bitten off by a dragon. Cirraal took Maryn to his palatial abode atop the clouds and is keeping her captive while she creates an enormous carved arm for him. Cirraal is capable of permanently animating objects, and will use the new arm like the one he lost.

Meanwhile, in Ivyford, the priests are desperately canvassing adventurers for their assistance in locating the lost carpenter. They know she was last spotted heading for the Hindwoods, and send the characters in that direction.

Estimated run-time: 1 to 2 hours

This adventure is designed for four to five 3rd-level characters and includes scaling suggestions for weaker and stronger parties.

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