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Tinker, Tailor, Goblin, Die

Author: Jeff Stevens Games

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

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Rhogar Drachedandion (RO-gar DRAK-uh-DAN-dee-on) was an eccentric and well-traveled dragonborn merchant who recently passed away. He spent his lifetime accumulating furnishings from around the realms and across the planes with which to decorate his manor house atop a mountain.

Although he acquired a great wealth in possessions, he had a dearth of friends or even those he would call acquaintances. For in the valley below his vast estate is the little hamlet of Harborage, home to goblins who have taken refuge from hostility to resettle the area in peace. They feared the dragonborn merchant and would shutter themselves away whenever he came down from the mountain.

Upon his death, the Drachedandion Estate fell into disrepair for many years until a halfling rogue stumbled upon it. After attempting to loot the manor of some of its treasures and being met with a ghostly presence, he turned his attention to Harborage. There, he forged a property deed that transferred ownership of the estate to a tinkerer goblin for a modest sum of gold.

This short adventure is designed for five 2nd-level characters and features social interaction, exploration, and combat. Scaling suggestions are included for weaker or stronger adventuring groups.

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