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Dwarven Undercity

Author: 2D Storyteller

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $9.99

Create interactive battle maps in a Dwarven Dungeon!

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" I know what I'm doing!” the warrior shouted over his shoulder at the rogue, a stone slab crumbled beneath the weight of his foot, his heel snapping a length of rope older then him. The warrior froze where he stood; his arms desperately trying to correct his balance. Behind the wall to his left he heard a rhythmic 'clacking' like the turning of a cart wheel, a rumbling sound louder than thunder echoed off the walls of the corridor. The warrior braced his arms against the floor and tried to pull his foot free from a web of ropes binding his foot. "Pull me out!" the warrior bellowed desperately as he turned towards the rogue. The rogue was gone. However the warrior was no longer alone, he now shared the corridor with ten feet of rolling granite making its way towards him.

'Dwarven Undercity' is an Interactive pack designed to bring ancient Dwarven under cities life in your online table top games, including a wide selection of modular locations and layouts for your campaign. Dwarven Undercity includes corridors, rooms and encounter locations for you to construct your own Dwarven strong hold. Alongside the static assets this pack also includes animated assets that make your locations interactive, whether its finding a way across deadly flowing lava or punishing your arrogant hero's by spring traps, Dwarven Undercity gives you all the tools you need to trap your players underground. FLY YOU FOOLS!

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