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Arcadia Issue No. 9

Author: MCDM Productions

Package: A combination of art and adventure content. More detail on each item is below.

Price: $11.99

This Package Includes:

This ARCADIA issue contains the following three articles and has cover art from Gustavo Pelissari.

Compendium Expansion: Losing our Religion by Mario Ortegón with art from Zuzanna Wuzyk. Did your cleric have a falling out with their deity? Has your warlock’s patron gone silent? If you pissed off a higher power and need a new one, check out the Anathema Domain, Atonement Domain, the Swindled patron, and the Compound patron. Each option is story-rich and dripping with possibilities and power.

Compendium Expansion: Power Is Where You Take It by Sally Tamarkin with art from Elisa Serio and Miska Fredman. Some of the best political intrigue campaigns take place in cities, where all manner of people live in close-quarters and vie for power. This article provides guidelines for building a city for political intrigue campaigns and five new character backgrounds.

Compendium Expansion: Filthy Peasants! by Chris Bissette (including The Price of Passage Mini Add-on) with art from Faizal Fikri, Miska Fredman, and Nick De Spain. This is one of the most ambitious ARCADIA articles yet. Behold quick and easy rules for rolling up level-0 characters. Good thing they’re fast, because you’ll need to make more than one! After creating characters, these normal folk journey into a deadly troll’s lair to save their village. The characters that survive level up and form the campaign’s adventuring party!

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