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Bundle Pack | GM Tool Mega Bundle

Author: Meditating Munky

Bundle: A combination of content. Prices are discounted based on what you already own. More detail on each item is below.

List Price: $14.97
Save 19%
Bundle Price: $11.99

This Bundle Includes:

Bundle Pack | GM Tool Mega Bundle

This Bundle Pack contains everything you need to make your life easier as a GM!

Alphabetical Numbers!

Are your player's picking fight's with numbers and letters? Need to learn 'em how to count or spell? Maybe you are actually doing GM Prep, and you need some Numbers and Letters to give yourself GM Notes with. Well, with GM Tools - Alphabetical Numbers you can count all the ways your players can derail any session no matter how many sticky notes, map pins, shapes, and colors you use.

Status Effect Markers

Is one of your players confused, and another player poisoned? Maybe the bard is inspiring people with their terrifying lullabies... or maybe the Cleric is blessing them by splashing holy water in their faces! Did someone say they want to Grapple the Raging Barbarian? It must be exhausting figuring out who has what when where and how to track all of these statuses... Well if you're like me then when you heard the news that Status Effect Markers were the new thing, you probably cast fly on yourself and before you knew it you needed to a way to track how high you were. Well don't you worry! I have tirelessly covered everything you will need to track in your games!

More Generic Token Markers

Need some more Generic Token Markers for your games? Maybe one of your players earned a Gold Star for not burning down the tavern this session, and you need to reward good with good... Or maybe you need an easy way to track your Passive Perceptions without opening every sheet every 10 seconds... Or maybe your players have an extra d6 or d10 from one of their many many buffs the bard gave them. If this sounds like all of the generic icons you never realized you needed until now then this set is for you then!

Don't feel like doing GM Prep? Skip your homework and come hang out with me on Twitter Instagram and Patreon where we can be slackers together!

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