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Faster Caster's: Spell Fx 2

Author: Gabriel Pickard $4.99 USD

Over 75 unique visual effects, plus some color variants and the optional simple geometric templates for many. Great for adding some eye candy to your encounters. Works for both fantasy games and in many cases modern super heroes!

159 Items Included in Faster Caster's: Spell Fx 2

Aqua Ball Ringed

sphere globe water

Aqua Ball

orb spell water

Arcane Sphere Ringed

spell globe gate

Arcane Sphere

sphere spell sun

Area Healing Ringed

mass heal healing

Area Healing

heal healing cleric

Bait Ringed

bait lure spell

Balance Ringed

judgement balance spell


equal balance divine

Bat Barrier Ringed

swarm bat druid

Bat Barrier

swarm bat vampire

Bat Flight Ringed

flight bat druid

Bat Flight

flight bat wings

Bird Flight Ringed

flight bird wings

Bird Flight

flight spell druid

Blue Bolt Ringed

strike comet bolt

Blue Bolt

missle bolt magic

Blue Fire Globe Ringed

orb blue water

Blue Fire Globe

sphere cold ice

Bug Flight Ringed

flight bug druid

Bug Flight

wing bug spell

Burning Bull Bordered

slam charge fire

Burning Bull

slame charge fire

Chain Lightening End Link

lighining chain bolt

Chain Lightening Long Link

lightining chain bolt

Chain Lightening Short Link

lightening chain bolt

Color Fan 90degree Bordered

spray prismatic color

Color Fan 90degree

prismatic cone color

Crystal Circle Ringed

ring crystal circle

Crystal Circle

shard ring circle

Crystal Cone Bordered

cystal fan spray

Crystal Cone

cryal shard spray

Crystal Growth Ringed

shard growth crystal

Crystal Growth

crystal field magic

Crystal Spike Ringed

crystal spell spike

Crystal Spike

strike shard crystal

Crystal Wall

prism crystal wall

Dagger Ring Ringed

ring blade dagger

Dagger Ring

blade dagger circle

Dagger Swarm Ringed

swarm blade dagger

Dagger Swarm

cloud blade dagger

Dark Fire Globe Ringed

orb dark black

Dark Fire Globe

sphere black globe

Dark Sphere Ringed

sphere orb darkness

Dark Sphere

dark globe darkness

Darkness Cone Bordered

spray cone black

Darkness Cone

spray cone darkness

Darkness Ringed

cloud dark darkness


sphere dark darkness

Disintergration Ray

disintergration ray beam

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