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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Dapper Dinos

Author: Echo $4.99 USD

These 40 dinosaurs come in their natural, scaly glory and in a set of barding or armor. These tokens are perfect for daring dinosaur druids or prehistoric parties with a Plesiosaurus! Everything you need is here: from an armored Allosaurus to the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Zombie!

40 Items Included in Dapper Dinos


clubtail macetail behemoth ankylosaurus

Armored Ankylosaurus

macetail barding armoured

Armored Brontosaurus

dinosaur armor bone armor plate armor

Armored Deinonychus

armored deinonychus armored dinosaur plate

Armored Hadrosaurus

roman armor studded leather cape

Armored Ichthyosaur

marine armor aquatic armor swimming mount

Armored Pachycephalosaurus

dinosaur in armor domeskull domehead


allosaurus spiked horned

Armored Stegosaurus

dinosaur mount mount in barding scalie

Armored Tyrannosaurus Rex

armored tyrannosaurus tyrannosaurus in armor tyrannosaurus

Armored Triceratops

armored dinosaur mount charging mount

Armored Tyrannosaurus Zombie

tyrannosaurus rex zombie t rex zombie armored tyrannosaurus

Armored Velociraptor

leather barding leather armor leather

Armored Young Allosaurus

racing mount racing dinosaur cute

Armored Plesiosaurus

aquatic barding marine barding swimming

Armored Quetzalcoatlus

dinosaur druid flying mount wings

Armored Zombie Ankylosaurus

zombie dino armored ankylosaurus ankylosaurus, zombie

Armored Young Triceratops

young dinosaur riding dinosaur triceratops mount

Armored Young Tyrannosaurus Rex

sharptooth tyrannosaurus, young tyrannosaurus

Armored Allosaurus

armour armored armor

Armored Dimetrodon

plate barding dinosaur in barding barded


thunderer longneck brontosaurus


clawfoot raptor clawfoot deinonychus


sailback dimetrodon beast


hadrosaurus dino dinosaur


ichthyosaur marine aquatic


domehead pachycephalosaurus lizard


quetzalcoatlus flyer glider


bloodspike behemoth spiketail stegosaurus

Tyrannosaurus Rex

t rex tyrannosaurus rex t-rex


threehorn triceratops reptile

Triceratops, Young

triceratops, young young triceratops hatchling


loch ness monster plesiosaurus nessie

Armored Pteranodon

chain shirt flying barding flying armor


pterodactylus pteranodon pterodactyl

Young Tyrannosaurus Rex

t rex mount young tyrannosaurus rex young tyrannosaurus

Zombie Ankylosaurus

zombie ankylosaurus undead zombie


feathered dinosaur velociraptor raptor

Young Allosaurus

dinosaur hatchling allosaurus, young young allosaurus

Zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex

undead t rex zombie tyrannosaurus tyrannosaurus zombie

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