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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Town and City Labels

Author: Keith Curtis

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

Map Labels for your village, town, and city maps!
There are over 300 labels in this pack. Each label has a distinctive icon, to help the eye quickly find the type of building being marked. All labels are 1 square tall and 3 squares wide, so they can be easily dropped onto any map and resized appropriately.

These labels are designed to look good on most fantasy maps. Put labels on the map layer, or put them on the token layer, assign control to your players, and let them design their own home town! GMs can open them up like any token or graphic and put details in the GM notes. Price lists, likely NPCs, traps, treasures or secrets.

No more players asking, "where is the blacksmith?" or, "is there a temple in this town?" The answer is right there!

Every label has 1-3 tags, to help you narrow them down in your Art Library:
Craftsman: A person or business that makes or repairs things
Professional: A person or business who likely has gone through an accreditation or holds some sort of degree
Shop: A building that sells things to the public
Institution: A building or establishment that represents a group of people, or has a long-lasting or official presence
Entertainment: A person or building where people are entertained
Criminal: A person or establishment that represents an activity or product that is unlawful or a vice in many areas.
Public: A place where the general populace has access: Town square, or temple
Home: A private residence or place where people tend to reside for a long period of time
Martial: A place with a military or combat-oriented nature
Government: Official buildings or institutions
Food: A place where food may be procured or produced. May be different from an Eatery, which is where people are served food or beverages.
Lodging: A place for temporary or rented residence
Eatery: A place where people are served food or beverages, May be different from the Food category, which merely indicates that food is created or sold there.

Most labels have multiple tags.

315 Items Included in Town and City Labels






government institution

Adventurer's Club

professional entertainment institution

Airship Dock

government public


professional shop


food public





Animal Fighting

criminal entertainment

Animal Trainer



professional shop


government public


government public


government professional institution


martial government entertainment


martial craftsman


craftsman professional shop


government institution

Auction House

government institution




craftsman shop


food craftsman


government institution

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