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Starter Town - Redcairn

Author: Dungeon Baker

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

Starter Town
You can name and use this town as you wish - but here's a ready made town for you. The large (69x49) maps include summer, autumn, winter, night, foggy and desert varieties as well as burned / burning versions should you wish to have your town in the midst of a war or battle as a story hook.

-Near at hand is Redcairn, a small town of perhaps fifty rustic buildings all surrounded by an earth rampart wall and wooden palisade. In the southern part of the town heavy black smoke is billowing up from the chimney of a smelting works. Soldiers in watchtowers glare down from their high vantage points aside of the gateway as pass through the gate.

-The Golden Pie is a sprawling but rather run-down wooden inn with a small set of empty stables and an untidy yard to the side. Above the door hangs the inn sign - a shining golden pie that once seems to have been painted in gold, but now it's faded and rather forlorn.
Inside there is a long bar room cluttered with old furniture - you are hit at once when you enter the room with the heat and smell of the fire, the food and the grey tobacco smoke that lingers in the air. There is a large throng of people - dwarves smoking short pipes or long fat dwarven cigars are sat in a large huddle to one side; there a few gnomes by the fireplace and a gathering of humans along the bar. A large wiry grey-haired dog gnawing the shin bone of some huge animal looks up and watches you intently. When you walk in the gnomes look up but no-one else cares to notice you. One of the dwarves slams down an empty double-pint-mug and the others roar with laughter and then all spit in unison into the spit pot at the centre of the table. Behind the bar is the landlady - a rather elderly woman handing out tankards of cider and trays of huge pies. 'Well hello and welcome! And what pie would you like?'

-In the corner of the market yard sits a single-story log cabin with a large front veranda. Above the door hangs the sign Blue Joeh's Store. The veranda is spotlessly clean and the building is in exceptionally good condition. Inside, the room is one of the tidiest stores you have ever seen - not a mote of dust or dirt can be seen and everything is in neat rows all carefully ordered upon the counter. Behind the counter stands Blue Joeh himself - a well built man with twisted moustaches and a braided beard and a face covered in blue tattoos. He looks you right in the face and says 'Don't touch a thing or I'll cut your hands off. Now wipe ya feet when ya come in.'

-Tucked away off the main market square is a small wood-cabin shop with the sign of a deep green bottle over the door inscribed with the name 'Barat's Apothecary'. The name Barat has been chalked out and the name Ren is written in big white letters. Inside, the store is dark and cramped with shelves of bottled ingredients on the far wall and a large counter right at the door - you cannot go into the store but instead have to stand just in the opening. Suddenly a halfling woman's face pops up behind the counter and she appears fully as she climbs a short ladder to see you more clearly. With her white-pink hair combed to one side, a large scar across her face and red piercing eyes she appears rather intimidating, if small. 'Well hello,' she says sweetly. 'How can I help you lot?'

-In the centre of Redcairn town sits a huge oak tree - majestic and regal. Upon many of the boughs and branches village folk and locals have hung wooden boards etched with words of prayer - they dangle down from the tree to create a mystical scene as they swing and clatter in the breeze. Behind the tree sits a small, intricately carved wooden altar to the forest god. The altar is housed in a rustic prayer house daubed in the green sticky sap of the tree and garlanded with leaves and wreathes from the summer festivals. Kneeling at the base of the tree with his hands on the bark is a tall, slim elf man with long blonde hair and wearing green hemp clothing. He is chanting a whisper to the wood. As you step closer he comes to the end of his prayer and turns to you and says: 'How the wood sends our deliverance. You come with blessing and with thanks. Our prayers have been answered!'

13 Items Included in Starter Town - Redcairn


village town starter town


village town burned


village burning town


village town


village town burned


village town burned


village town fog


village toan


night village town


village town


winter village town


winter night town


autumn town

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