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Hassle-Free Castles: Steampunk Fortress

Author: Gabriel Pickard $4.99 USD

Sprawling steampunk fortress with various sized rooms plus parts to customize it. Great for secret lairs, internal sections of a flying ship, or temples to mechanical steam gods.

34 Items Included in Hassle-Free Castles: Steampunk Fortress

Brass Door

brass door tile

Cog Check Hidden Corridor

hidden tile map

Crystal Grinder Blades

blade steampunk trap

Steampunk Fortess Map Room 1 Engine Feed

convery power factory

Steampunk Fortess Room 1 sublevel 1 Generator Charged

generator factory fortress

Steampunk Fortess Room 1 sublevel 1 Generator

generator factory fortress

Steampunk Fortess Room 1 sublevel 2 Cyrstal Grinder

grinder factory castle

Steampunk Fortess Room 3 Juntion Crossing

cogs steampunk hallway

Steampunk Fortess Room 3 Sublevel 1 Cog Check

fort cogs fortress

Steampunk Fortess Room 2 Steam Regulator

regulator steam castle

Steampunk Fortess Room 4 Boiler Room

boiler fort steam

Steampunk Fortess Room 5 Control Room Balchony

fort control steam

Steampunk Fortess Room 5 Sublevel Control Room

pipes control steam

Iron Door

iron door tile

Junction Crossing Chain Ferry

ferry clockwork steampunk

Open Pipe Hole

pipe hole pit

Steam Burst

spray burst steam

Steam Regulator Hidden Room 1

fort secret room

Steam Regulator Hidden Room 2

pipes secret room

Steam Regulator Hidden Room 3

pipes secret room

Steampunk Access Hatch

access cover hatch

Steampunk Automatic Door

door tile

Steampunk Automaton Hatch

cover hatch door

Steampunk Double Door Lower

double heavy door

Steampunk Double Door Upper

double heavy door

Steampunk Fort Secret Door

fort secret door

Steampunk Fort Wall Section

section wall tile

Steampunk Gate

gate door tile

Steampunk Lever 1

leaver lever tile

Steampunk Lever 2

leaver lever tile

Steampunk Pressure Door

seal hatch door

Steampunk Valve Handle

valve handle brass

Steampunk Well piston reciever

indent well metal

Steampunk piston

piston steampunk machine

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