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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Quest! Indicators #2

Author: Renflowergrapx

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

A fun way to mark a point of interest inside your maps. You can set a goal, a starting point, or mark something you just discovered!
Pack 2 Includes: a monster marker, a speaker, treasure chests, doors, locks, and more =D - Enjoy

72 Items Included in Quest! Indicators #2

Black - Alert

exclamation point

Black - Cave Entrance

cave mine

Black - Door Lock

locked lock

Black - Door

wood door white wood door

Black - Inquiry


Black - Megaphone

alarm alert sound

Black - Monster

gold dragon dragon head

Black - Rich Treasure Chest

rare treaasure

Black - Sword

figh sord icon

Black - Treasure Chest

loot wood chest

Black - Unlocked

unlocked unlock

Black- Rock

stone block

Blue - Alert

alert exclamation point

Blue - Cave Entrance

caves mines

Blue - Door Lock

locked lock

Blue - Door

wood door cute door

Blue - Inquiry

quest question ask

Blue - Megaphone

sound speech

Blue - Monster


Blue - Rich Treasure Chest

loot rare item

Blue - Rock


Blue - Sword

war fight

Blue - Treasure Chest

wood chest

Blue - Unlocked

unlocked unlock

Green - Alert

exclamation point

Green - Cave Entrance

caves mines

Green - Door Lock

locked lock

Green - Door

wood door

Green - Inquiry

quest quesions

Green - Megaphone

listen sound on

Green - Monster

dragon head

Green - Rich Treasure Chest

rare loot

Green - Rock


Green - Sword

sword icon

Green - Treasure Chest

wood chest

Green - Unlocked

unlock unlocked lock

Red - Alert

exclamation point

Red - Cave Entrance


Red - Door Lock


Red - Door

wood door

Red - Inquiry

quest investigation

Red - Megaphone

sound speaker

Red - Monster

monster head

Red - Rich Treasure Chest

loot gold chest

Red - Rock


Red - Sword

attack icon

Red - Treasure Chest


Red - Unlocked

unlocked lock

Sand - Alert

alarm exclamation point

Sand - Cave Entrance

caves mines

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