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Unearthly Roads

Author: Zach Moeller $4.99 USD

A sprawling network of magic roads expands across the multiverse. Each pathway connects the material plane to another realm, creating a bridge to expedite travel between them. Hints of the the unearthly realm shimmer beyond the edges of the roads. Trees give way to to blurred and impalpable landscapes.

20 Items Included in Unearthly Roads

Air Grid (22x34)

plane grid air

Air (22x34)

gridless sky elemental

Astral (22x34)

astral violet silver

Astral Grid (22x34)

strata astral plane astral sea

Battle Plane (22x34)

border plane battle plane cubes

Battle Plane Grid (22x34)

outer plane evil red

Eldritch (22x34)

eldritch flames green

Eldritch Grid (22x34)

great old ones far realm warlock

Ethereal (22x34)

ghostly ethereal blue

Ethereal Grid (22x34)

dreamlike whispy surreal

Fire (22x34)

elemental fire ash fire

Fire Grid (22x34)

burning fiery smoke

Limbo (22x34)

chaos plane limbo chaos

Limbo Grid (22x34)

chaotic neutral chaos matter red

Phlogiston (22x34)

wildspace phlogiston space

Phlogiston Grid (22x34)

colorful stars nebula

Road (22x34)

day road forest

Road Grid (22x34)

pine rocks trees

Road Night (22x34)

moonlight evening night

Road Night Grid (22x34)

dark road night road rocky

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