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Quick Encounters: Desert Lands 2

Author: Gabriel Pickard $4.99

Eight Arid maps for quick setup and play, 7 created at 29x29 squares plus a multistory pyramid with a 31x30 base. Set includes a pyramid interior, step well, desert cave, temple interior, hill, cliffs, choke point, and dig sight with beastly bones, along with several pieces for quick customization.

26 Items Included in Quick Encounters: Desert Lands 2

Braced Desert Cave

ancient cave desert

Brazier Burning

buring brazier fire


brazier tile furniture

Buried Desert Complex Hidden Passages

desert tile map

Buried Desert Complex

tomb dungeon desert

Desert Choke Point Lookout Mask

lookout desert tile

Desert Choke Point

choke point neck desert

Desert Cliffs

cliff western desert

Desert Dig

western bones desert

Desert Hill with Scrub Brush

scrub hill desert

Desert Hill

hill barren desert

Large Rock

stone rock tile

Monkey Statue

monkey statue tile

Pyramid Base Maze

maze pyramid egyptain

Pyramid Second Level

chamber pyramid desert

Pyramid Third Level

chamber pyramid desert

Pyramid Top

chamber pyramid top

Round Stone Resting

trap dungeon stone

Round Stone Rolling

trap dungeon stone

Sandstone Rubble

ruin rubble desert

Sarcophagus Full

sarcophagus coffin stone

Sarcophagus Lid

egyptain sarcophagus tomb

Sarcophagus Open

sarcophagus coffin open

Scrub Brush

scrub brush bush

Step Well

well ruin desert

Stone Door

door stone tile

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