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Fantasy Heroes and Villains

Author: Eugene's Workshop $4.99 USD

Wanna add some new colorful NPC's to your game?
Or maybe create a character, matching a certain visual you like?
Here some cheerful heroes to aid your adventurers on their journey along with some dark baddies to stand in their way!
Knights and wizards, bards and artificers - lots of different original designs.
25 unique detailed character tokens

25 Items Included in Fantasy Heroes and Villains

Abjuration wizard

force old human

Aberrant mind socreresss

psionic mummy caster

Weaponmaster fighter

gloomstalker rapier sabre

Yuan-ti caster

pureblood reptile poisonous

Tiefling sorcerer

jojo fabulous sea

Undead warrior

bold heavy mace


raging muscle humanoid

Bard of swords

blademaster musician female


magic user swordsman samurai

Drow elementalist

sorcerer water flame

Dwarf assassin

duergar gothic killer

Dwarf defender

heavy armoured dwarven warrior shield

Eldritch knight

magic weapon victorian arcane


monk stone rock

Elf wizard

arcanist half-elf book

Explosive artificer

bomb pyromaniac human

Firbolg knight

raven queen plate armor paladin

Genasi warlock

taunt fire genasi infernal

Gnome inventor

mechanism flamethrower gadget

Infernal bard

violin trickster dancer


dark necrotic caster

Old magician

illusion cape enchanter

Provocative swashbuckler

heroic dual wielding duelist


sneaky female human

Tiefling dealer

fiend demon devil

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+ All Access Vault Enabled
You and your players can export existing Characters from other games into this game using the Character Vault feature. Read more »