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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Arcknight Maps : The Bandit Fortress

Author: Arcknight

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

The Bandit Fortress is comprised of 9 seperate map sections; Entrance, Murderway (Longer Entrance thats easily defended), 2 Corner pieces, Short Wall, Long Wall, A Keep, a Great Hall (A keep for your egomanical endboss who's made as much space for his throneroom as possible), and the extremely useful Plain Dirt. The sections were designed to be as versatile as possible, each being able to connect to multiple other pieces allowing maximum configurations.

32 Items Included in Arcknight Maps : The Bandit Fortress

Bandit Fortress - Corner02 Tile

tile fantasy bandit wood corner fort

Bandit Fortress - Dirt

tile fantasy bandit dirt sand plain fort

Bandit Fortress - Entrance Tile

tile fantasy bandit wood entrance wall fort

Bandit Fortress - Keep

tile fantasy keep dirt sand castle fortress fort

Bandit Fortress - Murderway

tile fantasy bandit wood keep walls fort

Bandit Fortress - Long Wall

tile fantasy wood wall long fort

Bandit Fortress - Short Wall

tile fantasy bandit wood dirt wall sand fort

Bandit Fortress - Small Keep

tile fantasy bandit wood keep dirt sand fortress fort

Object - Side Barrel

token fantasy barrel side

Object - Top Barrel

token fantasy barrel wood top

Object - Barrel with Candle

token fantasy object barrel wood light candle

Object - Fur Bed

token fantasy bed wood bedroom fur sheets fort

Object - Fur Bed 02

token fantasy bed wood bedroom sleep fur fort rest

Object - Fur Bed 03

token fantasy bed wood bedroom home fur sheets fort

Object - Wooden Bench

token fantasy house wood keep wooden table short bench stand

Object - Candle

token fantasy flame house light candle head source vision

Object - Wooden Chair

token fantasy wood wooden chair

Object - Desk and Chair

token fantasy house keep chair table desk home bench fort

Object - Double Bed

token fantasy bed large double king sleep fur kingsize

Object - Long Bench

token fantasy wood long bench

Object - Long Bench 02

token fantasy wood wooden chair table long bench seat

Object - Round Wooden Table

token fantasy wood round wooden table

Object - Wooden Table with Chairs

token fantasy wood wooden table chairs

Object - Throne

token fantasy object chair throne king seat fur ornament

AK Bandit Fort - Wall Assault

map fantasy wood dirt wall sand battlements fort

Bandit Fortress - Corner01 Tile

tile fantasy wood corner dirt sand castle fort

AK Bandit Fort - Bunker

map fantasy bandit maps wood dirt wall sand castle fortress battle battlements spikes fort battlemap

AK Bandit Fort - Enormous

map fantasy bandit dirt sand fort battlemap battlement full enormous

AK Bandit Fort - Frontal Assault

tile fantasy gate wood dirt wall sand castle spikes barricade frontal assault front

AK Bandit Fort - Full Yard

map fantasy bandit yard wood dirt sand fortress spikes fort barracks hideout

AK Bandit Fort - Classic

map fantasy blood dirt sand fortress battle classic fort battlement

AK Bandit Fort - Explanation

tile fantasy dirt sand fortress fort arcknight

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