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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Slum Maze

Author: Tactical Master

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

To pass this maze you will have to pass tests. Scammers, thieves, stench, bandits, etc. If you don’t want to wander, or if you’re tired of all this, you can break through the walls of dwellings or climb onto roofs, but then all the gangs of these slums will attack you. Here, with strangers who do not follow the rules, the conversation is short. That is a difficult battle and a large number of rogue enemies.

Day, night, rain, horror, winter, desert, burning and with roofs map options + helpsheet (map with tips).

19 Items Included in Slum Maze

TM Slum maze 40x40

day town slum

TM Slum maze night 40x40

night city battlemap

TM Slum maze rain 40x40

map rain maze

TM Slum maze horror 40x40

blood battlemap slum

TM Slum maze frozen 40x40

frozen battlemap barrack

TM Slum maze frozen night 40x40

bandit home sky

TM Slum maze desert 40x40

desert city east

TM Slum maze desert night 40x40

desert night raiders

TM Slum maze fire 40x40

attack burn sabotage

TM Slum maze roofs 40x40

map day roofs

TM Slum maze roofs night 40x40

town fight topdown

TM Slum maze roofs rain 40x40

fog poor mystic

TM Slum maze roofs horror 40x40

bloody mud battlemap

TM Slum maze roofs frozen 40x40

map winter roof

TM Slum maze roofs frozen night 40x40

night roof cold

TM Slum maze roofs desert 40x40

beggars scammers

TM Slum maze roofs desert night 40x40

map labyrinth

TM Slum maze roofs fire 40x40

fire battlemap roofs

TM Slum maze helpsheet

guide help tacticalmap

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